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ارزشیابی شرکت های کوچک

ارزشیابی شرکت های کوچک :  امروزه با جهانی شدن بازارها، تحولات رقابتی، تقاضا برای منابع مالی جدید و انتظارات روز افزون سرمایه گذاران، شرکت های کوچک بیش از پیش مورد توجه قرار گرفته اند. تقریبا تمام تصمیم گیری های مالی مستلزم تعیین ارزش افزوده ای است كه به موجب این تصمیمات كسب خواهد شد. شركت ها برای […]

تاریخ : جولای 3rd, 2014
Spread چیست؟

دانشکده آموز بازار فارکس ، آیا می دانید speard چیست؟

تاریخ : اکتبر 13th, 2013
انواع اطلاعات ارسالی شرکت‌ها

انواع اطلاعات ارسالی شرکت‌ ها

تاریخ : اکتبر 13th, 2013
آموزش الگوهای شمع ژاپنی (جلسه سوم)

آموزش الگو های شمعی ژاپنی (جلسه 3) الگوی شهاب سنگ (یا ستاره رها شده- ستاره ثاقب shooting star

تاریخ : اکتبر 6th, 2013
Alex-Saenz 10 Minute Guide To Investing In Stocks

 Alex-Saenz 10 Minute Guide To Investing In Stocks  New investors can fall into some dangerous traps. If you are new to the stock market, if you need a refresher course in investing basics, or if you are an employee of a corporation that manages its own profit sharing stock plan, this easy-to-use reference guide on […]

تاریخ : فوریه 10th, 2013

Target the Super Stocks that deliver huge returns One of the most successful investing books ever published, Super Stocks showed investors how to use innovative techniques and fundamental tahlil for valuing stocks and predicting future profit margins.

تاریخ : ژوئن 26th, 2012
The Secret Of Selecting Stocks For Immediate And Substantial Gains

You are shown William’s personal technique for picking stocks based on identifying what stocks are under professional buying or selling. In addition, you’ll learn how to successfully forecast the market’s short, intermediate and long term trend; and be shown how to combine stock selection with market timing to improve your results.

تاریخ : ژوئن 26th, 2012
Course #1 Basic Training/ Getting Started

For many years futures trading has been considered either too risky or too sophisticated for the average investor. Most myths are born of ignorance, and the futures myth is no exception. For all too long, futures trading was either ignored or shunned in economics texts and, as a consequence, the general public was not educated […]

تاریخ : مارس 20th, 1501
Crash Profits Make Money When Stocks Sink And Soar Martin Weiss

If continuing corporate collapses, Wall Street lies, and economic uncertainties have left you wondering whom to trust and what to do with your hard-earned money, the time to take action is now. Immediately stop any losses, get on a fast track to recovery, and potentially make more money in the next few years than most […]

تاریخ : مارس 20th, 1501
How To Profit From Chaos In Stocks, Bonds, And Commodities

Based on human nature rather than the vagaries of the market, the new trading dimension works on the premise that we trade not the market, but our own belief system. By assessing what your personal biases are, you can determine how they influence your ultimate success – or failure – and then adjust your trading […]

تاریخ : مارس 20th, 1501