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King Keltner-Trading Strategy

King Keltner-Trading Strategy A moving average calculation is the main indicator used in the King Keltner trading strategy.

تاریخ : ژوئن 26th, 2012

Bollinger Bandit Trading Strategy

Trading Strategy Standard deviation is a number that indicates how much on average each of the values in the distribution deviates from the mean (or center) of the distribution. Bollinger Bands, created by John Bollinger in the 1960s, is an indicator that uses this statistical measure to determine support and resistance levels …..    

تاریخ : مارس 20th, 1501

Candlesticks Fibonacci and Chart Pattern Trading Tools

An in-depth examination of a powerful new trading strategy “Fischer provides an intriguing and thorough look at blending the Fibonacci series, candlesticks, and 3-point chart patterns to trade securities. Backed by explicit trading rules and numerous examples and illustrations, this book is an invaluable tool for the serious investor. Read it.”–Thomas N. Bulkowski author of […]

تاریخ : مارس 20th, 1501

Fx Trading Strategy

Two completely opposite “schools of thought” dominate today’s public opinion when it comes to financial markets. One school of thought is advocated by academic types, mostly economics, finance and mathematics professors. They will tell you that “markets are efficient” and that there is a zero chance for an individual to outperform any liquid financial market […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0887


GHOST TRADER The code for the Ghost Trader is designed more as a template than a complete trading strategy. Some trading  strategies incorporate the success of the last trade signal in the calculation/determination of the next trade signal. We have tested several methodologies that only initiate new positions after a losingtrade. Some traders  feel that […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0887

Giuciao Atspace Org-Building Your E-Mini Trading Strategy

E-Mini Materials in this presentation are covered under current United States andinternational copyright laws. NO PORTION OF THIS PRESENTATION MAY BEREPRODUCED WITHOUT THE WRITTEN PERMISSION OF THE AUTHOR.Daniel Gramza is currently completing two books:Trading in the Eye of the StormThe Handbook of Japanese Candle Trading StrategiesYou can be notified when these books are available by […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0887

Super Combo Day Trading Strategy

Super Combo So far we have concentrated on longer-term trend-following systems using daily bar tahlil. We are now going to work with strategies that deal with intraday bars. Working with intraday bars is the same as working with daily bars. TradeStation doesn’t care what time frame you are working with (tick, minute, daily, or weekly); […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846

The Penny Stock Trading System

Trading penny stocks is fairly easy if you learn the correct trading strategy. I trade penny stocks for a living but it took me several years to learn before I found a method of consistently earning profits in the stock market. I also trade certain higher priced mid and large cap stocks, but I usually […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846

Thermostat Trading Strategy

Thermostat Trading We actually traded a strategy very similar to Thermostat. We named this system based on its ability to switch gears and trade in the two modes of the market,congestion and trend. This system sprung from our observations on the success of particular systems on particular market sectors. We thought that onesystem  that also […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846

Vladimir Daragan – How to Win the Stock Market Game

This publication is for short-term traders, i.e. for traders who hold stocks for one to eight days. Short-term trading assumes buying and selling stocks often. After two to four months atrader will have good statistics and he or she can start an tahlil of trading results. What aremthe main questions, which should be answered from […]

تاریخ : مارس 23rd, 0846